About Us
Blue Lotus Resort is based on Village Concept. you can feel the village atmosphere along with the modern facilities. There is a sitting area under the tree which remind you the mini choupal and our cottages abounds with natural landscape, bhandhavgarh hills, having elevation of 807m above sea level, has provided the tiger reserve with its name can be viewed from Blue Lotus Safari. There are so many nearby places to visit- Bhamera Dam(20km away) Gharpur Dam (10km from Bhandhavgarh N.pari) three cave point, climber's point(which provide aerial view of entire park), Sidhbaba Temple, Ketkiha (has aromatic species of flora), Sita Mandap, Photographer's point, Amarkantak and Khajuraho are some of the incredible places to visit in Bhandhavgarh.

The nearby tourist place is Amarkantak also known as Teerthraj- The King of Pilgrimages-
- The meeting point of Vindhya, Maikal and Satpura Ranges.
- The Narmada- One of the Holy river of India originates from here.
- Mystic poet Saint KABIR- mediatated at kabir chabutra in Amarkantak.
- First Guru Nanak Dev also visited here to meet Kabir Das ji.
- Forest surrounding Amarkantak has a variety of medicinal plants.